Fit Deck

Everyone who has hit the road on tours, corporate shows, or any other live event knows how sedentary life between load in and load out can be.  A coworker passed on this little gem, the FitDeck Exercise Playing Cards.  Instead of having to find the gym in your next hotel just whip out the deck, and work with what you have around you.  A basic deck requires only your body and a little extra free space to get started.   Spending too much time behind the console? Maybe it’s time to take a look at the Stretching FitDeck, “designed to improve flexibility, circulation, posture, and body alignment.”  Advanced decks call for weights and other accessories, for those looking to step up their game.

FitDeck Exercise Playing Cards

FitDeck is a unique deck of 56 playing cards containing illustrations and instructions describing over 50 different exercises, stretches, and movements. Image Courtesy of

Now I won’t lie and say that I’ve been using this as a way to stay fit on the road for a long time.  I did just order a set, and am hoping to get started in the near future.  Try it out and let me know what you think.  Look back for updates about how I’m finding ways to use these on the road to keep up the #HealthyRoadie lifestyle.

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Balancing Act

A lot of us hit the road on the regular, and @txjoe has a few suggestions for balancing ourselves to stay healthy.

1-Be like water | 2-Strive for balance; embrace disorder | 3-Maintain integrity | 4-Diminish expectation | 5-Sleep

Numbers 1 and 5 resonate the best with me…how about everyone else?

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Fitting Breakfast In

Breakfast may be labeled the most important meal of the day, but it also seems to be the easiest to skip.  #HealthyRoadie is looking to compare easy ways to make sure you get a healthy and nutritious breakfast when you’re on the road.  Breakfast bars are an easy way to satisfy hunger on the road, but how many of them are really good for us?  Submit your favorite breakfast replacement bars and we will put them to the road test over the next month.  Come back for results in December.